Lizzi and Mary Bradley, Ownerslizzi-mary1.png

Lizzi and Mary Bradley are sisters, business owners and by a small miracle still friends! They met back in the 80’s and found themselves both in Austin, TX in 2011. While living in a tiny apartment together, their idea of making handmade women’s accessories came to life. They spent their weekends learning how to screen print, sketching out designs and connecting new products. 

Creative Director 

Education: BFA in Advertising Design, Savannah College of Art and Design

Likes: Hiking, not setting an alarm and (don’t tell anyone) rollerblading. 
Dislikes: When the “L” in the word salmon is enunciated, people who film concerts and long car rides. 


Retail/Wholesale Director + Studio Manager

Education: BS, Loyola University of Chicago  |  M.Ed., University of Notre Dame
MMS, Yale University (in progress)

Likes: Not hiking, Hamilton and a good pair of sweatpants. 
Dislikes: Vacuuming, standing at concerts and people who clap when a plane lands.